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Achievements of Rashmi
Chiguru chinmay Award( and award given by private organization to the Budding Child Artist

Rajya Puraskar Guide and aiming for Rastrapathi Puraskar

Good in Academic and Active participation in Assembly activities

Wrote a letter to the former president AP J Abdul kalam drawing his attention towards
faced by disabled and got replied from his excellence.

Cash prize by and Eminent Educationalist on her Dance performance.
Rashmi Aursang Class X student of V.V.V is a special child. She has shown to the world that if one determined to do something in life, he can fight against any odds in life. Confined to the wheel chair since her birth, she takes life as a challenge. She dreamt of dancing and strove hard to make it a reality. Let’s meet Rashmi and know about her life as a differently abled girl, the struggles she faces, the trauma she underwent so on and so forth.

Interviewer: Hello Rashmi, it must have come as big blow when you realized that you have to be confined to the wheel chair. How did you take it?

Rashmi: Yes, the news came as a bolt from the blue to my parents. Probably, I was too small to understand the seriousness of the situation. When I grew up. I understood the harsh reality. Looking at other children, I would curse myself, show my anguish and let outbursts against God for creating me so.

Interviewer: one knows what hardships one has to face, if one is dependent on others on everything say even to do the daily chores. how did you manage to  things?

Rashmi: I know this quite difficult, if one is dependent on others, but I have learned to do certain things on my own with the help of my wheel chair, picking up things, attending to telephone, getting ready for school etc. I try to do on my own.

Interviewer: who is your pillar of your strength?

Rashmi: it is undoubtedly my parents. They have given me moral and emotional strength. they bring me up as if iam normal child. I wish every child who is me me should have parents like my own.

Interviewer: what about your school, teachers and your peers?

Rashmi: they too have provided me tremendous support. our principal has given me ample opportunity to prove myself. I can say that she is full of empathy for me the teachers are also kind and supportive and my peers, I own them a lot. They lend me helping hand whenever I need. Iam  really lucky to have found such a school atmosphere.

Interviewer: how is that you thought of dance? A child like you dared to dream about it is really amazing!

Rashmi: it all happened by accident. I’d feel very dejected when my mother who is a teacher taught dance to the children. I would watch them intently and then do the action myself secretly. my mother would feel very bad looking at my desire to dance. But my father would encourage me telling that I too could prove myself in life. I can say that the movie ’Fanaa’ that I watched brought a turning point in my life. I thought when a blind can dance why can’t I? What if I’ve no movements in the legs, I can do so through my hands and face. Thus deciding, I began to dance through gestures on my face and hand movements.

Interviewer: what is your message for special people?

Rashmi: Life is full of challenges. One has to fight against them. If one is determined to do something, nothing can stop him. Helen Keller, John Milton, Beethoven, Sudha Chandran have achieved great things in spite of their disability. Compared to them my achievement is very less. The honours and distinctions that I have won really make me proud.

Interviewer: Thank you Rashmi for spending your time and briefing us all about your struggle, achievements etc.

Rashmi: Thank you so much for providing a platform to express my innermost feelings. It is nice to share my experiences with you, I feel as if I’ve become a celebrity and it is the school principal, teachers, my parents, friends of course my parents who  have made me what I am today thank you.

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