Nestled in the peaceful environs of Sedam, a small industrial town in Gulbarga district, Vasavadatta Vidya Vihar has grown by leaps and bounds. Established in 1984 september20, the school catered to needs of employee’s children. But over the years the school has been imparting education to the children in the neighbourhood, as social responsibility.

About Vasavadatta Vidya Vihar :
The school’s success story is scripted by various Principals who with their farsightedness and dynamism help the school reach greater heights year by year. The staff members through their dedication and commitment have made the school much sought after in the neighbourhood. They are greatly inspired by mission statement of school which says- to provide value based relevant education, to create a healthy and congenial atmosphere where young and creative minds are nurtured, where the natural growth of the individual is ensured with an emphasis on holistic approach.
The school produced many meritorious students who have excelled themselves in medicine, engineering, defence, management etc. the alumni association is spreading the reputation of the school far and wide.

All this wouldn’t have been possible but for the support and blessings of our most revered syt.B.K.Biralaji and Smt.Dr.Sarala Birlaji. Sri.K.C.Jainji has always been a source of inspiration. The school management committee takes keen interest in the development of the school by providing necessary infrastructure form time to time.
Spending twenty five fruitful years is an achievement in itself. To commemorate this event, the school is gearing up for its Silver Jubilee Celebration. The school will strive hard to see that it will make a strong imprint in all the fields in the near future.
Whole life is a ceaseless process of education. Entire universe is a marvelous university and every being is being taught here incessantly through various experiences. Formal schooling too has a valid role in this splendid scheme of education, because it enhances the receptivity of the student and boosts up the power of assimilating the lessons that every situation in life tends to teach.

Run under Grameena  Abhvridhi Kendra of Vasavadatta Cements, the school had a very humble beginning in 1984. There were only few on the roll. Today when the school achieved an important mile stone, (i.e. it is preparing for its Silver Jubilee celebration) it has more than 1100 students on roll.What sets the school apart from the schools in the neighbourhood is its qualitative approach to education. It is not a tall claim considering its records and achievements. The hall mark of this institution is, it reaches out even to those whose ward is first generation receiver of education.

The school strictly adheres to its vision statement which says- to mould young minds into ideal, responsible and sensitive human beings who will be assets to the society they live in and who can lead rather than be led by others.

The school can boast of many awards and recognitions. Academically it can boast of a sound record. It has registered 100% results in AISSE (class ten examinations) for the past seventeen years. The school added a feather in its crown when it secured 0.1% Certificate of Merit from CBSE (A student scored 99% in Social Science) Apart from these, it achieved remarkable feats in various fields. To name a few- it’s a winner of Rashtrapati  Puraskar in Guides and Rajya Purasakar for two consecutive years in Scouts and Guides, winner of National Children Science Congress four consecutive years, national level representation in sports and winner at national level Paint-O-fun competition in Art etc.

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